Maduro usurps popular sovereignty


February 6, 2019 01:15 AM

The poor administration of Nicolás Maduro, who "lost his legitimacy," and systematic violations of the constitution make him a "usurper of the Constitution and popular sovereignty," said Hector Navarro, a former minister of education and energy. During the management of the late President Hugo Chávez.

In his opinion, before a Maduro "who does not have legitimacy in front of the people, the National Assembly and its president, Juan Guaidó, have much more legitimacy". However, he believes that, for Guaidó to be recognized as such, there would be "a vote that would be chosen by him, in the exercise of the Constitution and democracy." Juan Guaidó was inaugurated January 23 as president in charge and has the support of more than 40 countries.

After a meeting with the president of the Parliament, in which Chavismo dissidents and members of the Platform for the defense of the Constitution participated: Rodrigo Cabezas, Gustavo Márquez, Gonzalo Gómez, Edgardo Lander and Oly Millán, Navarro said that before the political conflict the Legislative would be "looking for valid interlocutors on the part of the Executive to dialogue sincerely, placing the cards on the table".

He said that they share the need to "open every possible way and not cease in insisting that the exit should be peaceful and constitutional," with respect to sovereignty and ruling out foreign intervention.

He believes that the solution to the conflict must go through a consultative referendum to renew all powers, with a new National Electoral Council that is designated under the constitution. "We can not afford to be killed in the streets or be killed by bombing," he said.

He mentioned that a movement of national and popular public opinion should be generated that would pressure the government and all political force to accept a negotiation process: "If people mobilize themselves demanding dialogue, these people will have to be heard."


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