"Let's go to the street," Guaidó called citizens to protest on Friday


June 19, 2019 14:13
Updated June 19, 2019 14:23

At the meeting of Michelle Bachelet, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Juan Guaidó, supported the street action convened by NGOs and students, which will be held on Friday.

"Let's go to the street, we expect Bachelet to verify what we are denouncing," Guaidó told reporters after the presentation of the Agricultural Country Plan at the Metropolitan University.

Several NGOs, as well as student societies, called a protest outside the headquarters of the United Nations Development Program, located at the Avila Park Tower in Altamira, starting at 10am.

"During the visit of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, several organizations of Venezuelan civil society stand up to demand respect for our human rights and raise our voices for those who can not raise it," said the NGO Synergy.

Guaidó announced Wednesday that he will meet with Bachelet on Friday, ensuring that his meeting is not considered a solution or receive diagnoses from the organization.

"In the face of our conversation, we can not make further diagnoses, this is a structural problem and we must give a solution to the conflict," said the acting president.


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