Last retired official Cicpc and his son to steal them


May 13, 2019 05:01
Updated May 13, 2019 at 5:12 PM

The Corps of Criminal, Criminal and Criminal Investigations of Carabobo arrested three men responsible for the double murder committed against an employee of that institution, who enjoyed his retirement, and one of his sons.

The incident occurred at 05:30 on the 7th of this month at the victims' home in the Villas del Centro sector, third stage, 13th street, parish of São Joaquim, Carabobo state.

Francis Lusbeth of Pernia, 49, and his son Fabián José Pernía Medina, 25, were at his home when Cristian Jesús Medina, 20, known as El Burro, arrived. the confidence of the owner of the house because she ended up doing housework in that house. The man arrived accompanied by two other individuals. Among the three they dominated mother and son, tied and gagged them, so they poured fuel into their bodies and set them on fire. The crime leader was the donkey.

The director of Cicpc, Douglas Rico, reported that the case was settled by officials of the Carabobo Homicide Center.

The inmates, besides the Burro, are Isaías Josué Medina Flores, 28, and José Antonio Medina Flores, 18.

In the attacks the investigators seized part of the stolen thing in the victims' lodging: 2 videogames, 4 portable consoles, a Siragon computer, 2 backpacks and a container with fuel.


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