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If you want to lose weight, according to the survey, the best indicator of success is control and record the consumption of calories and fat throughout the day: "Write when you chew" That would be the premise. But the self-control of diet It is generally considered unpleasant and slow, and many who could lose weight may not muster the willpower to do so.

Now, new research published in Obesity, suggests that self-control in diet It can be a lot less unpleasant than we realize.

O to study is the first to quantify the amount of time this type of self-control of diet this really leads to those who lose weight successfully.

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"People hate it, they think it takes time, but the question we asked ourselves was: How Long Does Diet Self Control Take? points Jean Harveyleader of to study, in a statement. The answer is not much. "

Harvey's team observed the habits of dietary self-control in 142 people in an online behavioral weight-control intervention. For 24 weeks, the participants met weekly for a group session led by a nutritionist. The enrolled program participants the calories and the fat of all the foods and drinks they consumed, as the size of the portions and the methods of preparation.

For participants who lost 10% of your body weight (the most successful members of the group) took them an average of 23.2 minutes per day, make a list of what they ate during the first month of the program. In the sixth month, the time decreased to 14.6 minutes.

"Those who self-controlled three or more times a day, and were constant day after day, were the most successful adds Harvey.

It seems that the act of self control marks the difference, not the time spent O the details included"


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