Khloé Kardashian angry with his family?


As every year, the Kardashian family prepared for Thanksgiving a spectacular dinner with the participation of all the members of the clan, with the exception of Khloé and the little true one. And while fans have anticipated the fact that the television star would spend the holidays with his daughter's father, Tristan Thompson, the boldest believe that detachment is synonymous with tensions between the family when the possibility arose that Khloé be angry with them.

In addition, herself He used his Twitter account to clarify the rumors and explain why he did not spend the day with his loved ones. The star He said the Cleveland Cavaliers' athlete could not travel to Los Angeles this year because of his professional commitments to the NBA and criticized all the people who try to "create dramas" that are irrelevant in the lives of others, as was his case.

"I do not know why there are people trying to create dramas between my family and I. My sisters and I are perfectly fine, thank you. Their families have been able to travel this year, but TT (Tristan Thompson) failed because it's in the middle of the regular season, "he said on the social network.

By adding another very ironic tweet, "The truth is never as funny as the stories some of you make up. So here we go, Happy Thanksgiving for all, I imagine!" On the other hand, this family is not exactly that who keeps secret the differences between them, an issue that becomes almost impossible to expose their extravagant lives in the reality show that exposes every detail of their day to day.

And with regard to the show, everything seems to indicate that the differences held by the sisters and mother of Khloé with Tristan were in the past because the last chapters of the show where the athlete's infidelity was discovered were recorded in April, a few days after she gave birth.


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