Justin shares Baldwin image and rumors of pregnancy


The love that the model and actress sustain Hailey Baldwin and the artist Justin bieber It seems to be going through the best of times.

After getting married, both were seen on social networks. In addition, the expectation and the surprise established himself in the couple's fans.

And it is this during the last days, was the Canadian artist himself who posted an image in his account on Instagram.

Justin Bieber posted an image that appears Surrounding your partner with your arm and leg.

And he wrote in the legend: "My little bean", which in Spanish would be something like"my porpoise"

However, far from being an innocent image, the artist's fanatic began to be misunderstood. Some, quite risky, have it would be about pregnancy, which was not confirmed, but with this type of messages, open the door to make it come true.

Others, on the other hand, were cautious and pointed out that it's just an affectionate nickname of the artist



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