Jornal El Periodiquito – GNB killed four members of the band "Las Minas"


GNB killed four band members

Different firearms were recovered by the military

Last Sunday evening, military officers assigned to the 42nd Command of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB), belonging to detachment 421, held a confrontation with members of the alleged criminal gang called "Las Minas" in the sector. Tierra Blanca, in the municipality of Zamora, in the state of Aragua.

It became clear that members of the military agency were carrying out patrol work in the area of ​​citizen security, but when notified by community residents that there was a group of "bad-looking" individuals on one of the streets in the area, uniformed men quickly moved to the address they received from people in the industry.

Also, upon arriving at the avenue given by the citizens, they noticed the apparent malicious ones, these when seeing the presence of the officers they removed their firearms and began to shoot to the commission of the National Guard without previous warning, immediately the military officials felt the necessity to repel the action.

During the exchange of shots, four unidentified members of the alleged criminal group were injured and taken to hospital in the sector, but when they arrived they had no more vital signs.

Moreover, it is not known whether these individuals are related to the dead military officer in the afternoon of the same day. In addition, two 38mm caliber revolvers, a 12mm caliber rifle, a shotgun and ammunition of the calibers already mentioned were seized.

|| Glenn Requena
|| Courtesy photo


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