Friday , October 22 2021

Is Maluma still thinking about being a football star?


Since I was a child Maluma He spent much of his time in the midst of a soccer field training to become a star of the sport, but everything changed when he took his first steps in music at age 17 and left the ball to a microphone and reggaeton.

However, according to Colombian coach Juan Fernando Quintero, the interpreter "Mala Mia" was so good at the sport that they even contacted him recently to see if he was willing to play professionally, just as he dreamed when he was a child.

Quintero's statements came with Fox Sports Radio Argentina, where he talked about his life at the time and his situation with River Plate, but the sayings with respect to Maluma caught everyone's attention. "For me, he has things (of a furbolist) that I told him one day, I warned him. I'll say one thing: they called me from Colombia to tell me that they wanted to see him play professionally and I let him know, "he said.

The Red striker also expressed the great affection he feels for Maluma, with whom he shares a great friendship. "Everything he has is deserved because he is a person who works and where he wants to go, people want it." On the other hand, did not reveal the name of the team that asked Maluma in their ranks.

How the foam is rising Maluma this was just
New on the cover of the magazine cover Paper. So what
published the publication in social networks, in a publication on the website
which invites you to read the internal pages, where you will find an extensive
interview with the Colombian

Through your Instagram account the Colombian shared
two photographs that are part of the recent issue of the magazine. "That is
incredible !!! Latinos Arribaaa !!! "wrote the singer next to the post he called
the attention of his friend Madonna, who left a comment below the photos.

And a post back Maluma he shared with his
millions of followers were introduced by Vogue as a fashion icon
The magazine has dedicated a review to its incredible look at the
Dsquared2 exhibition of men's clothing in Milan and was classified as one of the
Latin artists with best style.

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