Is it dangerous to skip breakfast and dinner?


Each person has very different habits, which usually fit their lifestyle and daily routine. There are those who skip breakfast before setting out to train early or those who eat too late because of a nightly training. It may seem that they are not harmful to health, but a new investigation, published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, suggests that they may endanger your cardiovascular health.

How does breakfast and dinner influence the health of our heart?

In the study, the researchers analyzed the eating habits of 113 people before a heart attack. Then they were followed up for 30 days after being hospitalized for this heart attack. Scientists found that people who skipped breakfast three (or more) times a week and had dinner within two hours (or less) before going to bed were four to five times more likely to die, suffer another attack . heart disease or chest pain 30 days after discharge.

"We knew from other studies with the general population that skipping breakfast and dining too late could worsen the metabolic profile. However, it is really surprising that these habits can worsen these results"Commented one of the authors of the study.

Of course, neither breakfast nor dinner are to blame for the totality of a health problem. This is very possible because these people have unhealthy eating habits. Some previous research has also linked to having skipped breakfast with Weight gain and insulin resistance; Because when your body does not properly absorb insulin, it can raise blood sugar levels and increase the chances of developing diabetes.
In addition, there may also be cases of inflammation or endothelial dysfunction (which occurs when blood vessels can not expand properly) and influence unhealthy factors for the heart.

Which one is the most correct?

Although these results have been obtained in patients who have suffered heart attacks, some previous research has shown that cardiac risk cases can occur even in apparently healthy people. In fact, a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that people who eat breakfast are more likely to have atherosclerosis. So, science still does not agree with a single theory.

It is advisable to dine at least two hours before going to bed, and breakfast as a main meal that is. There are cases of people who prefer to fast in the morning, and many investigations have argued that this is good for health.

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