International collision favors weight; dollar falls at this price


The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) registered spot dollar, interbank reference, in 19.0015 pesos at the close of business on Tuesday, January 29.

During the day, the Mexican peso advanced 4.95 cents, 0.26%. As a result, the Mexican currency registered a tie against the dollar in the week, as on Monday the dollar rose but the peso rebounded on Tuesday.

Citibanamex indicated that the dollar on sale quoted at the close of operations in 19,30 pesos the sale, lower at 7:35 pm on Monday.

BBVA Bancomer reported the dollar at 19.41 pesos on sale this afternoon.

The exchange offices of Ciudad Juárez listed the ticket on 19 closed weights average.

El Financiero explained that the peso "faced on Tuesday an external context in which conflicting signs prevailed".

China and the United States United prepares trade talks for Wednesday, in a tense environment for the Donald Trump government's legal charges against Huawei for industrial espionage.

The dollar traded between gains and losses against a basket of ten currencies measured by Bloomberg, where it reached a marginal increase of 0.02%.

Factors add up to the fall of the pound sterling by the debate in the United Kingdom on the Brexitbecause Parliament has ordered to renegotiate the agreement with the European Union.


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