Instagram | Real Madrid: the annoyance of Casemiro when asked by Cristiano Ronaldo after 3-0 against Barcelona | VIDEO | Total Sport


Angry and even annoyed the Brazilian midfielder showed Casemiro when, after losing 0-3 to Barcelona for the Copa del Rey, a reporter asked him again if his team, Real Madrid, lose the figure of Cristiano Ronaldo. What happened in the video Instagram which accompanies this note.

"Is there a lack of a goal for Real Madrid, on days like today you miss a player like Cristiano Ronaldo?" They asked him.

With a gesture of unresolved annoyance, the 5 of the Brazilian team denied and clarified that until a week ago they spoke very well of the attackers of the merengue club. So for a game, things can not change.

"We can not talk about a player that is not over, a week ago we were just talking about the 9 best in the world, Karim Benzema, we talked about Vinicius, Bale and Lucas Vásquez, we can not talk about Cristiano, especially since he is not a player of the Real Madrid, "he said in the Instagram clip made by Real Madrid TV that ESPN published.

Although it is true that the ability to thrash Real Madrid was reduced shortly after the start of the game. Cristiano Ronaldo, there are several factors that influence your most recent results.

The team is far from being the tip of LaLiga, was eliminated from the Copa del Rey and in the Champions League must fight hard to add their fourth consecutive title.

At the exit of the CR7 you should add the low level of players like Luka Modric or Karim Benzema, especially at the beginning of the season.


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