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Urban artists have shown a great relationship among their exponents, proof of this is the recent publication of Evil Bunny, who decided to pay a well-deserved tribute to his colleague Yankee dad sharing a pencil drawing alone.

Through your account Instagram, the interpreter of & # 39; Dear & # 39; and & # 39; Amorphous & # 39; published a drawing of Yankee dad which he himself did and wrote a message of meaning revealing that they will work together on a new musical project.

"I'm sure that on October 23, 2006, I had no idea that one day I would collaborate with him, or that he would be one of the characters in this movement. so you can put it in the refrigerator.Respect and admiration X100PRE "He wrote Evil Bunny.

In less than an hour, the publication surpassed 304,637 & # 39; Like & # 39 ;, including & # 39; heart & # 39; in Karol G. In addition, the comments of his followers say that it is a great gesture dedicated to his "teacher".

The response of Yankee dad He did not wait and shared the image published by Evil Bunny with a moving message of motivation for his colleague.

"I left the neighborhood with a north, achieved my goals and serve as inspiration for those who, like me, dreamed one day of being great in life.Thank you for your words, I am sure that today there are many drawing your portrait, they will not imagine being singing with him Big Bad Bunny. Let's continue to inspire the world. PS: My refrigerator will have an art more valuable than a Picasso "it was the message of the Cangri & # 39;


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