"I could have sued": Roberto Palazuelos: Línea Directa


Mexico.- The memories of those years of his friendship with Luis Miguel are still very present in the memory of Roberto Palazuelos. It is for this reason that he decided to raise his voice once again to express his irritation with the way he was portrayed in the series about the singer's life in which he was called Bobby.

In all sincerity, the actor explained his reasons why he believes that his character was approached in this way and still had time to talk about some of the most controversial scenes in which he appears, to defend himself against the fans he reacted against. In addition, he spoke of the strong reasons why he decided not to take legal action.

Palazuelos said he understood the strategy that production followed from the beginning, to include only characters that might be of interest to viewers. "The series, as the writers needed an antagonistic cut and Luis Miguel had about 15 or 16 friends and they could not all appear, they began to check who were the ones who were going to give a note and who were known …"Said the businessman also in an interview with journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, to justify his representation in Luis Miguel, The Series.

And that was not all because he took the opportunity to express his irritation at circumstances that, in a fictitious way, put him in an uncomfortable position. "The first thing that bothered me, I always had good vibes with Mariana, the photographer … I always respect a lot, because she is a woman with a very special and authentic personality. Suddenly, that's where I was supposed to be at a wedding, Yuri, which I was not, and who supposedly I'm going to gossip for Luis Miguel that Mariana is flirting with? El Negro & # 39; González Iñárritu …"He said.

In that same space, he assured that the episode in which Bobby appears at a party at Baby's, and in which he has a discussion with El Sol, was also of his displeasure because he ensures that he never "He knew the world."Thank you to the singer take you for a ride on your plane.

Palazuelos was so angry that he thought of taking legal action, but given Miguel Aleman's appreciation, Magnani did not. "Miguelito is a gentleman, that is why I did not process them, I could sue them. And by Toño Cué not because we have friends in common but they were in a delicate situation because they protect themselves in a thing where they say that the characters that appear are fictitious, but when you mention Girls … then defamation is not demand. They were actually saved, come a little more delicate, that you are making money with Roberto Palazuelos, using his name. I present the scenes of Muchachitas to the judge and they are inside …"He said.

In the same way, he reiterated the reason that led him to stay on the sidelines. "Let me be grateful to him that by love, admiration and all over the roll and Miguelito and others I did not, but if I had done so I would have them trapped in two seconds or I would stop their retransmission to any other side , to organize with me … "

And besides how uncomfortable it could be for him to broadcast the series, Palazuelos admits that he was favored. "For me the series made me public, not what I would have liked, but it made me a lot of publicity, because in the end I went out to say who I was and had fun, another would have kept quiet, but I did not"

Finally, he said he was proud of his achievements, so he does not want anything from Luis Miguel. "I'm never going to be jealous of Luis Miguel, I'm very happy with what I have, I'm proud to be me, my family, what things cost me … I'm an actor and he's a singer, I always had admiration and never copied anything, we both copied the hairstyle for Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran member) "he told.


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