Hyperinflation removed recreational options during Holy Week


The usual "mini-holidays" for the Holy Week holiday are destroyed this year thanks to hyperinflation and high prices on the beaches, pools and restaurants of the city of Maracaibo, Zulia state.

A day at the beach can have an approximate value of 120,000 sovereign bolivars with entry, lunch (lunch and light dinner) and travel expenses included, according to a tourist.

"I discovered that going to a beach in Los Puertos with my two children and they told me that only the ticket had a value of 20,000 in cash for 4 people, plus food and per diem? Easy is 120,000 Bs.S" said Vanessa Pineda.

Going out to "distract the mind" inside the city in hotel pools and clubs has also become an "impossible mission", since entrance fees for swimming pools do not fall below 40,000 Bs., Equivalent to two current minimum wages . .

Most of these bonds are subject to international currencies, such as the dollar, being a commercial way of avoiding falling in the devaluation of the national currency.

Users have stated that some of these places are already charging in dollars or accept the rate-dependent form of payment in the black market. "A few days ago I went to an ordinary pizzeria and they charged me $ 1 for the little pizza."

Even a "normal" dinner means a big blow in the pocket, because a simple hamburger does not fall below 4,500 Bs.S, a "chopped" arepa of 8,000 Bs.S until a small pizza easily exceeds 25,000 sovereign bolivares.

Given the impossibility of users, the premises of the commercial consumer were forced to create promotions that make their costs more attractive and digestible to consumers.

"Now you can not go on vacation so one day, it's easy to spend over 200,000 sovereign bolivars, where will I get that amount if I do not even win in a month?" Pineda said, devastated to learn that this Holy Week he would stay in his house.


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