Huawei requires more than one trillion dollars of the Verizon company for 230 patents


Huawei demanded the US telephone company Verizon I paid more than $ 1 billion For the license rights of more than 230 patents by the Chinese manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, according to a person familiar with the case, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Patents cover network equipment for more than 20 company suppliers, includingtop US technology companies, but according to the source quoted by the British agency, these suppliers would indemnify Verizon. In addition, details that Huawei made direct contact with these companies.

According The Wall Street Journal, are patents ranging from the main network equipment to the Internet of things, through the fixed-line infrastructure. Therefore, in February, the Chinese technology giant informed Verizon that it must pay to "solve the problem of patent licenses".

The companies involved, including Verizon, have informed the Government of the USAof the situation, which occurs in the midst of a trade war between Huawei and the United States.

In fact, representatives of Huawei and Verizon met last week in New York to discuss some patents, as well as whether the US company is using equipment from other companies that may infringe the patents of the Chinese giant.

Verizon spokesman Rich Young said that these problems exceed what Verizon due to the current "geopolitical context" between the US and the Asian country. He also said that "any problem involving Huawei has implications for the entire technology industry" and raises concerns both nationally and internationally.

For its part, neither Huawei nor US companies, such as T-Mobile, AT & T or Sprint Corporation, wanted to try this case.

  • The Chinese telecommunications giant is mired in a clash with Washington, who accuses him of spying for the government of the Asian country through its devices, something that the company denies.
  • After including the Chinese manufacturer on its commercial blacklist on May 20, US Department of Commerce has issued a temporary license which allows Huawei Technologies to mitigate the repercussions that the customers of this brand will suffer in the North American country.



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