Wednesday , June 23 2021

How to recover an account hacked on Instagram?

The most common method for this type of attack is through phishing (Theft of personal information through a fraudulent source such as a fake website, for example).

For this reason, the application announced the implementation of a new modality to avoid this type of situation.

"We know that losing access to your account can be a harrowing experience. We have implemented measures to prevent, in the first place, the accounts from being cut," he said. Instagram in a statement.

The first step of the new method consists of a series of data that the application will request (email, phone number) to verify the identity.

Then Instagram will send a six-digit code that will only reach the device we selected.

In this way, only the person who has said the device under his power can reestablish the account, otherwise it would be impossible to reactivate it.

Instagram has not announced when it will launch this new recovery method, although the username block is now available to all Android users and is slowly reaching iOS users.

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