Thursday , June 17 2021

How to create apps on Android without knowing how to program

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, and that's why many developers are betting more and more to launch apps with which they can demonstrate their talent and, why not, make some money from their creations like Android apps business generates millions of dollars in profits internationally, year after year.

However, the first limitation for many users who want to start an application Android is that they do not know how to program, which is why they do not continue their adventure as developers, although for all of them there are some interesting solutions, but one of the best is Kodular.

We can say that Kodular is an evolution of Makeroid, a platform based on MIT App Inventor, but the most interesting is that it is a free and closed source service, yes, there are elements that we can buy to make our application more complete.

Kodular is also a tool for beginners and advanced users, so if you're getting experience, you can continue to use the platform.

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How to use Kodular?

As I mentioned, the process is simple and you do not need any programming knowledge, but you have an idea of ​​how your application will be or at least you've already thought about how you want it to work.

And is that, as mentioned by the company, to create an application in Kodular just drag and drop the components and join them in blocks, as if they were Legos.

Likewise, there are over 185 unique components that will add different features to the application you have in mind, but something very interesting is that the application will eventually get the design lines of Material Design.

To start using Kodular, you must create an account at the following link and start your project. As there are so many components and how you can use them, we can not say step by step what to do, but you need to see what each component does and start joining them, but believe me when I say it's as easy as joining Legos and go forming the figure that you have in mind.

Kodular also lets you monetize your app, works on all devices running Android 4.1+, and you can share your project with other developers to further enhance your app.

Of course, the application is not published in Play Store, this should be done by everyone on their own, but you will have the APK to install it on any device.

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