Here are the three biggest fights of Goku


List the greatest fights of GokuThe magazine V Jump He asked his readers to vote on the best Kakaroto has faced throughout its history, and fair-minded opinion has left its opinion on the heroic acts of Goku.

Without further ado, the first place was won by the fight Kakaroto argued against Freezer on the planet Namek. And it is at this point in the anime that things have been very exciting because they have reached a higher level in the scope of power, technique and Goku. In addition, the situation was deadly for many of the Z Warriors. All of this was combined with a villain who was so important that he returned on several occasions.

The second place was the Goku and Jiren, representing the most recent stage of the saga Dragon Ball, where the hype came down to those who are little interested in this series. The fight was undoubtedly exciting, but it should also be considered that everything that was said about her on social networks pushed her to this place, an advantage she did not have, for example, the fight against Freezer.

The third place is for the duel that Goku had against Vegeta. And yes, it is necessary to emphasize what they refer to. It is specifically about the Kakaroto discussed with Majin Vegeta, in one of the worst moments for Earth's heroes, but that left one of the best battles that occurred between these two competitive warriors.

As is always the case with these types of tops, not everyone agrees, but it is important to remember that they are opinions and there is no standard that will rank them beyond what people feel about it. From that perspective, which fights are the ones that most excited you? Do you agree that these three?

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