He stole the details of his ex's card and paid a trip to Paris with his new girlfriend


Flowers at home, parking, taxes, a subscription to premium television channels and even a service that increases the amount of "tanned" on Instagram. All these expenses found in his card Angel Exford, victim of a fraud that carried out his ex boyfriend, Michael Fehsfeld, in England.

The drop that rebals the glass? The man also used his ex's data to "escape" to Paris with his current. It was his most serious mistake: for this purchase he was caught on October 5 at Gatwick Airport in London with his new girlfriend.

By the middle of the year, Exford and Fehsenfeld had a brief relationship for a few months. They broke up after a walk with another friendly couple. On that day, the man claimed to have lost his wallet. His girlfriend loaned him the card to pay for a place, food and drinks.

"This was the last time I saw him in person," the woman wrote in her Twitter account, whose story, published to warn other potential victims of fraud, has been shared nearly 12,000 times.

One day after the nomination, Fehsenfeld shared on social networks his plans to go to a spa with another girl and block his ex.

A month later, the extra expenses began to appear on the Exford account. The woman discovered purchases with her card for 1,200 pounds, about $ 1,500. When they saw the summary, they found several gifts for the ex's girlfriend and, best of all, the trip to Paris, with their flight reservation codes and passenger names: Michael Fehsenfeld and his current girlfriend.

With this evidence, Exford denounced his ex-boyfriend and was outraged at the man who took advantage of her. "I do not have a direct family in the UK, I depend 100% on myself and I have people in South Africa that I support economically," he said. He also made fun of one of his ex's purchases: "My hard work is worth to & # 39; enjoy," he concluded.

Fehsenfeld was sentenced to 26 weeks suspended prison and 150 hours of community work. In addition, he will have to pay compensation to his former partner. (tn.com.ar)


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