Wednesday , March 3 2021

Governor Prieto assured that 5 Tulé bombs will be active this week

Zulia's governor, Omar Prieto, said on Wednesday that 5 Tulé bombs will be active this week.

"We have had some damaged bombs but they have already been repaired and today the third is being added, tomorrow the fourth bomb will be built and, God willing, by the end of this week, we will be incorporating the fifth bomb," the governor said.

He added that on Tuesday he was with Water Minister Evelyn Vásquez at the Tulé pumping station to check works being developed there to increase pressure on pipelines to Maracaibo, San Francisco and other municipalities that are part of of the vital liquid distribution system.

He informed that he is studying the possibility "to start the second stage of Tulé, Tulé II, because the machines are already acquired by the government, which has the possibility that when we are doing a repair or maintenance of the six pumps that are over 40 years (in Tulé), we can enable the Tulé II, we will not have the difficulties that we had in some sectors ".

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