Government policy guarantee to avoid HIV discrimination


Against HIV discrimination

EFE / Javier Etxezarreta

This is the Social Pact for Non-Discrimination and Equal Treatment, which the Ministers of Health and the Interior, María Luisa Carcedo and Fernando Grande-Marlaska, presented today and which establishes a series of actions in the field of health, work and health. educational and scientific.

Thus, among others, the agreement includes ensuring that medical certificates do not include serological status as an indicator of contagious infectious disease; extend the guarantees of legal protection; the promotion of policies to avoid discrimination in employment; ensure access to assisted reproduction and adoption techniques; and to promote the free movement of persons with HIV and AIDS.

"A society that discriminates is not a fair, nor a decent society," said Carcedo, who emphasized during the presentation of the plan on scientific advances against HIV but he acknowledged that there are still challenges, such as ending the stigma of the virus.

In Spain, about 3,400 new cases of HIV, of which 48% are made late, and this, the minister said, has "a lot of responsibility" for discrimination that has not been eradicated.

Discrimination at the time of applying for a mortgage, applying for medical insurance, or entering a nursing home are some of the barriers with which these people meet, such as the chair of the State Coordination. HIV/ AIDS, Cesida, Ramón Espacio, just a few days away from World AIDS Day on December 1.

Space required the change of laws and "anachronistic" norms that make discrimination survive and, among other things, stated that people with HIV they can join the Armed Forces or the State Security Forces (FSE), a situation they have trusted to change with the pact.

"People with HIV we are not a danger, "Space insisted.

Grande-Marlaska stressed that "important work" is being done in this regard for access to public employment with the aim of "breaking down these stigmas" and in certain areas such as that of his Ministry, with the aim and scientific studies not being move. "In diagnostic parameters, because it would be a stigma, but in clinical parameters".

He indicated that the Security Forces are there to prevent and combat discrimination and to assist the victims. "The pact will help us more to focus these efforts," said Interior Minister.

In this sense, he affirmed that "training" of the ESF is a "priority" objective of his department and that many agents need to be trained to have a "clear sensitivity and knowledge" of this possible discrimination and the mechanisms that the application itself provides to provide solutions .

The Minister of Health emphasized that the Executive is "firmly committed" to eliminating barriers to the provision of prevention and treatment services HIV and assured that "it also undertakes to create legal, social and regulatory structures" to end discrimination HIV.

In addition, he said, this guarantee also seeks to "preserve and build an environment that promotes equal treatment and opportunities" for people with the virus, so that by 2030 the Sustainable Development Goals can be achieved to end the virus. epidemic HIVAIDS

The proposed law on equality of treatment and non-discrimination processed by the courts "will be a powerful tool" to make effective the actions included in the pact, as Carcedo explains.

The Health Minister of Aragon, Pilar Ventura, also participated in the act on behalf of the autonomous communities and chose to identify and eliminate the "antiquated regulations" that limit the rights of people with disabilities. HIV, noting that much of the pact's actions should be implemented at the regional level.

For her part, the director of the National AIDS Plan, Julia del Amo, said that the Pact is flexible to incorporate new challenges in this battle that "are not easy, but viable."

On the occasion of the International Day against AIDS, celebrated on Saturday, December 1, the Ministry hung on its front the red band, which, according to Del Amo, "has not been exposed for years."

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