Government delivers Bicentennial Angostura bonus for Bs. 18,000


UN.- The Angostura Bicentennial Bond for an amount of 18,000 sovereign bolivars began to be notified via text message to Venezuelans with the Patria card this Saturday.

In the website of the Patria system, in the site Social Protection Bonds, shows the benefit allocation.

Likewise, the account in the social network Twitter of the system VeQr, announced lto new delivery of the protection bond as part of the policies promoted by the National Government.

"# Information began the delivery of #Bono_Angostura For a Amount of 18,000.00 BsS," indicates the message, AVN reports.

Recently the president of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, announced that through the Patria System will be granted to the Venezuelan people two new bonds denominated "February Rebel" and "Bicentennial of Angostura".


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