Google will release its own WhatsApp that does not consume data


Google has proven to continue in trend on the Internet since it will launch its own messages in the style WhatsApp.

Google added that this message will not charge your balance or megabytes since, which will not use mobile data, much less the internet.

It is an application that will use the RCS (Rich Communications Services) messaging system, which allows you to share text, videos, audios, images, GIFs and more files. Input, It has already been announced that this new application will work through the Android operating system.

Google's big bet when launching this instant messaging application, similar to WhatsApp or Telegram, which aims to outperform this competition, is to give the customer a great choice not to spend their mobile data or have to be connected to a network. WiFi to be able to use instant messaging chat and send messages and / or files.

With this, you no longer have to strain to have mobile data or be connected to a Wi-Fi network, especially when traveling abroad, you can send and receive files without any problem.


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