Google preaches its cell phone when scouring the Apple iPhone camera


In Google, they do not waste time and want to promote the camera of the Pixel 3 at all costs, and it is known that there is no strategy that makes more noise than going against Apple and the iPhone.

It is true that the Pixel 3 is crazy when it comes to the camera and even our readers gave it the best night camera throne, defeating the famous Mate 20 Pro from Huawei, which turned out to be the cell phone of the year.

The Google cart is not new, when the team was introduced they used the iPhone XS directly and without a point of comparison. That was the image of that day:


It looks dramatic, but yes, the night mode of Pixel 3 is very good. Since then, they had not gone into another fight with Apple … until now.

Marvin Chow, Apple's vice president of marketing and products, through his account Twitter shared the following comparison:

iphone xerfreqg

It says "Phone X", but it is clear below that it was taken with an iPhone XS, which does not offer any "night mode" and it is obvious that Google used this feature.

Which photo do you like best? Surprisingly, there are people on networks that prefer the iPhone because "it's more natural and can be edited," above the Pixel, which would be very "flat and artificial".

Let's be honest, for most mortals, including myself, there is still no competition for the photos that Pixel does.


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