Google Maps: Peruvian is caught in shameful scene in the center of Lima | Viral | Google Street View | Google Earth


An unusual scene captured by Google Maps has become viral in many social networks, because it shows the precise moment in which a Peruvian is discovered by the cameras of Google Street View doing something unthinkable, through the streets of Downtown Lima.

Google Maps, the famous map application, has become a medium that has captured curious discoveries. This time, a user who "walked" the streets of lime, he found a man next to his friend and a nurse.

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What happened? As he continued his journey, he noticed the look that diverted the protagonists from the photos viralwhen a nurse passed a few yards. A fact that became controversial.

After finding these curious scenes, thanks to the Google Street View, the catcher shared the images in his Facebook account, where thousands of users shared different opinions.

I would like the pair of the man to find these images, "wrote a surfer, who had more emoji reactions in the Facebook publication. It should be noted that Google Maps published these captures in March 2015.

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In this note we share our note that has the scene of the Peruvian I get in an embarrassing moment. To see the pictures all you have to do is to slide each photo to the left.

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