Google extends options for Android users to satisfy the EU


Users of Android devices in Europe that now open the Google App Store will see on their screens several options for downloading different search engines and browsers

Google announced on Thursday that it will offer users of its popular Android devices the ability to choose between five browsers and search engines as part of its efforts to respond to the European Commission's concerns about competition.
Last July, Brussels imposed on Google the highest fine in its history, a total of 4.342 million euros for abuse of dominant position, one of the three main decisions of the community executive about the company.
The commission, which is the guardian of the competition on the block, accused the technology giant of the United States of taking advantage of its smartphone operating system to promote its own Google search engine and its Chrome browser, to the detriment of its rivals.
Although the company appealed the ruling by declaring the charges unfounded, the changes announced on Thursday are part of its efforts to avoid further fines.

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