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Google Chrome for Android

a new version of Google Chrome is on the way to all users of Google's mobile browsers. The last update of Chrome for Android brings us the browser version 72, which since the beginning of this week began its deployment on the main desktop platforms before making the leap to the mobile version.

The update was announced, as usual, through the official Chrome Releases blog, and is listed all the news that today reaches the millions of people who use Google's browser on your Android terminals.

Chrome 72 hits Android with privacy enhancements

Google Chrome for Android

This update comes soon after the browser introduced the voice search in its mobile version, a novelty that had been requested for some time. On this occasion, yes improvements and changes focus on improving the privacy of people using Chromeand not so much in providing visual or functional novelties.

The first of the announced announcements is a change that affects the notification that is responsible for allowing the control of multimedia content while it is playing. By default, every time a video or audio from a web page plays in Chrome, the control notification shows the name of the web page, the domain, and a content-related image that is taken directly from the page. From now on, however, If the media content starts playing from an anonymous tab, the web name, thumbnail, and domain will remain hidden. Instead, only the playback controls appear next to the text "A site is playing content".

The other change is a new option introduced in the browser settings in the "Google Chrome Assistant" section, which currently does not seem to be very useful. At this time, the integration of the wizard with the browser is quite limited, but everything indicates that this could change with future versions of Chrome.

All the news starts arriving today from all users of Chrome for Android. To take advantage of them, you only need to upgrade to the latest browser version through Google Play.

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