Givova does not know where the uniforms came for Vinotinto


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ND / 26 Mar 2019 .- Givova, who was involved in a hard incident with the Venezuelan football team, expressed in a statement, written in Italian and Spanish, his "regret" for "sad and unpleasant logistical problems". which prevented us from providing the excellent service they deserve and which Givova has always been accustomed to offer. "

The statement does not explain the fact that it was necessary to highlight the generic clothing Quechua (which Decathlon, a sports clothing wholesaler sells in its stores) with the Givova brand to dress the Vinotinto players, but stated that "In short, Givova will present the (sic) official line of sports that will take Vinotinto (sic) in the next team meetings, both male and female. "

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However, a more extensive statement is said that Givova "is not aware" of what was the origin of the clothes worn in the game against the Catalan national team on Monday, which resulted in a 2-1 defeat to the selection "We are not responsible for their personalization."

The company indicates that it does not have enough stock of garments "because of the great demand we are having" and added that "we still do not have official shirts available and we do not have a precise date for registration", although two years ago. months, a South American sub 20 was played in which the Venezuelan team of the category wore Givova clothes in its launch as the official Vinotinto brand.

Tomas Rincon, captain of Vinotinto, and Salomón Rondón, one of his most prolific players, claimed not only the poor quality of the clothes they had to wear against the Catalan team but also indicated that they had been given very little training clothes , and none to protect them from the cold.

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