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When we are in the middle of an audiovisual project, after having the necessary photos, we need to give a little life through music. However, when that moment arrives and we have no musicians or original songs in hand, our goal may be truncated. However, in the network there are some solutions that can help us finish our project with a very professional finish. In the case of music, we could get free audio pieces on a website that houses dozens of songs ready for use in your projects. His name is Bensound and incorporates free soundtracks with a Creative Commons license that you can include in any of his works.

Bensound has the soundtrack you need for your projects

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Bensound is an audio bank that integrates a large number of songs of different genres that can be downloaded and used in any project, at no cost. The only thing that would represent a type of payment for the site, is the request to include them in the credits of your work. In this regard, when you publish your video on YouTube, for example, the Bensound guys suggest you put in the description: "Music: & # 39; Music title & # 39; by Bensound", to extend your name as a contributor to projects with royalty-free music.

To get Bensound's music you just need to follow this link and from your main page we can see some of the songs available. The collection is organized by genres and we can find: Acoustic, Folk, Pop, Electronic, Jazz, Rock and others. In addition, we can filter the view to see the most popular or the latest.

The only limitation in the use of Bensound material is that it can not use its resources for: audiobooks, podcasting or remixing.


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