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Get Data! Richard Branson offers the formula for achieving success and happiness

Stock Photo – sir richard branson listening to a question on the presentation of the ship virgins trips in new york, united states. February 14, 2019. REUTERS / Shannon Stapleton

The 62-year-old businessman, who ranks 478th in Forbes magazine's ranking of the world's richest men, has a fortune valued at $ 4.2 billion. Infobae.

The billionaire is considered a "rock star" of finance for his extravagant lifestyle. The same surf and discover the ocean in its own submarine, which closes a deal of the 400 companies that make up Virgin, the company that owns.

It constantly encourages entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and achieve happiness. These are the keys with which he governs his life and that have led him to success in business and in his personal life.

1-Do not measure success according to the amount of money earned

Measuring the success of people or companies, depending on the money earned, is not correct. | Photo: Infobae

For Richard Branson, measuring the success of people or companies, depending on the money earned, is not correct.

The owner of the Virgin Group told the media that if people focused more on having fun and making the world a better place, the money would come later.

In the past, the entrepreneur stated that he did not enter the business world for profits and that has been the key to his success. Focus on your work and do not worry about financial results.

2-Prefer face-to-face conversations

It is best to set boundaries in the media, such as the use of cell phones and friends. | Photo: Infobae

Despite the love that Branson may have for technology, Virgin Mobile's owner, she recommends setting boundaries for new media.

Otherwise, tools like cell phones could become a barrier between people.

"We can all be more present in our own lives.I really believe that being in the moment is the key to happiness and success, and being constantly stuck on your phone can have a big impact on your relationships," Branson said.

And he advised to leave the phone aside when you have social gatherings and focus on face-to-face conversations. At least for a moment.

3-Have fun with everything you do

Fun is important for jobs because if you do not have it where you work, you should change activity. | Photo: Infobae

One of the most important tips for Branson is finding fun and enjoying life in everything it's made of.

If the work that is done does not cause any enjoyment, it is an indicator that you should give up and change your activity.

4-Find a hobby that will take you outside

One of the keys to Branson's happiness is having a hobby. | Photo: Infobae

One of the keys to happiness for Richard Branson is to perform a hobby abroad; "It's a great way to improve your mood and feel that you have more control," said the billionaire.

Advise simply for a stroll in the evening, because in addition, when leaving and being in a different environment than usual can find inspiration.

Some of the activities carried out by the entrepreneur are surfing, cycling and climbing.

5-Dream big

With only 20 years he dreamed big and created his business Virgin Records. | Photo: Infobae

Richard Branson at age 20 dreamed big and created his first business, Virgin Records. No one believed that at an early age and with its innovative concept (selling discs at home) would be successful.

But the English tycoon ignored the voices of others and followed his ambitions. Without guarantees of success, but with a lot of motivation and work, he was able to create a successful company.

"Dream big and you will be presented with the opportunity to lead the world on an incredible adventure," Branson once tweeted.

6-Learn on the fly

Branson did not go to college and decided to continue learning from life. | Photo: Infobae

The businessman, listed by Forbes as one of the world's 500 richest men, has not studied at university. He left high school at an early age and decided to continue learning from life.

"It's very important to realize that it does not matter if you do not know, because you can always figure it out. Take advantage of opportunities and do not give in to self-doubt," Branson wrote on his blog.

Plunging into a new area where you have no preparation, but with a good goal and motivation, learning will happen on time.

7-Be brave when trying new things

The entrepreneur mentions that you should not be afraid to explore new things and seize opportunities. | Photo: Infobae

Richard Branson has created companies in sectors that seem unrelated to each other: telephony, airlines, music, space travel, and so on. The reason, said the entrepreneur, is that he is not afraid to explore new things and seize opportunities.

"I can honestly say that nothing good has happened in my life from the safety of my comfort zone. These are all those times when you feel challenged where you think" Oh shit, maybe that's not a good idea "and then you think about surrendering.But if you can overcome this stage of doubt and get over the other side, I promise, that's where good things happen," Branson said.

8-Make happiness a habit

Finding happiness every day in everything you do is the key to a good life. | Photo: Infobae

Success does not bring happiness, but without happiness there is no success, Branson explained. Finding it every day in everything you do is the key to a good life.

And that's what happened. He says that many people believe that his magnificent life and happiness were the result of his success, but he says it is the opposite. The things he received from his career as an entrepreneur were the result of having found happiness before in all the activities he does.

"Stop and breathe Stay healthy Stay close to your friends and family Be there for someone and let someone be there for you Be bold Just for a minute," he said.

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