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The chips are on the board for the final showdown of "game of Thrones"which would only happen in Westeros.Meanwhile, the novels may still show the mysterious Valyria, where the Targaryen house originated.

Little is known about Valyria, since no novel or tale written by George R.R. Martin in the world of "Game of thrones"It develops there, so all the available information is from third sources, never from anyone who lived there.

Valyria was a straightforward fight without a king, ruled by the Dragon Lords, where the Targaryen were not the most powerful house but one of the many that inhabited the peninsula. This empire based its power on the dragons, with which it conquered and, in some cases, devastated enemy civilizations. Of the conquered he took slaves.

Among the consequences of Valmy expansionism, we have the fugitive flight of Rhoynar commanded by the warrior princess Nymeria, who after a difficult journey landed at Dorne, where he burned his 10,000 ships not to be tempted to return to the oppressor.

There is no accurate information on how the Valirian empire disappeared, but there are theories. One indicates that the chain of volcanoes known as Fourteen Fireworks went through an imbalance related to magic. In any case, the cataclysm ended with the greatest empire in the world "game of Thrones"In a matter of hours, to the point that no one survived, not even dragons." The disaster was such that where there once was land, there is now the Sea of ​​Steam.

If the Targaryen were saved from the hecatomb, it was through the prophecies of Daenys the Dreamer that they learned of the impending catastrophe in mysterious ways years before they occurred. The Targaryen took their dragons and sailed to Westeros twelve years before the chaos. The rest is history known.

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"game of Thrones"The final season comes around the world on Sunday, April 14 on HBO.

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