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Food bag contributes to childhood obesity in Cuba

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This flagellum affects to 42 per cent of the population

Food Bag Contributing to Childhood Obesity in Cuba (ESCAMBRAY)

Food bag contributes to childhood obesity in Cuba (ESCAMBRAY)

According to official statistics, child population in Cuba suffers from obesity through a disorder as a result of healthy eating diversity. The situation is alarming, but it reaches 42 per cent of the Cuban population in general.

Dr. Lilian Valdivia Garcia, head of the nutritional support group of the National Surgery Center of Minimal Access, says these numbers in an interview with the official press and highlighted the alarming fact that, at this percentage, 13% of this total is because they “are exposed to serious illness, which affects the psychological, physical and social development of minors”.

The Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) applies measures to curb the growing problem and publish a booklet “Practical Management of Overweight and Obesity in Cuban Children,” which aims to curb overweight and obesity in Cuban preschoolers, because of their constitution. principal illnesses not declarable.

Expert Valdivia García answers the question Why avoid obesity? and within the benefits it says that “it is closely related to the increase in cardiovascular risk: from 20 to 50% of obese children have high blood pressure, favors the onset of type 2 diabetes mellitus that initially has symptoms, as well as can lead to the obese individual a chronic renal failure ”.

A child cannot develop obesity through poor eating habits, especially with a diet where it is frequent. The school merit given by the government to high school students is based on pan and yogurt of soya, of the elements that combined to be overweight.

The other factor to trigger obesity is genetic. According to the docent “the genetic inheritance of the child influences on the whole part of his family more bad surroundings, priests, heroes or abuelos”.

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