five points inspired by past ages and a new trailer in live action.


So far we've seen really explosive trailers from Just Cause 4, and no wonder: Rico Rodríguez Do not walk around with frills when it comes to eliminating entire schemes. Now, how would that have been a few decades ago?

Square Enix itself gives us the answer through five new points who, despite sharing a good deal of his footage and being carried away with free destruction, regained the visual and narrative style of the typical cinematic trailers of the 60s and beyond. And most of them have been very good.

In fact, it's not just editing and speaking. Marks and deteriorations of the films were included vintage, as well as the colors of these. The result? Here it is.

Just Cause 4 in the 60's

Just Cause 4 in the 70's

Just Cause 4 in the 80's

Just Cause 4 in the 90's

Just Cause 4 in the 2000s

Just Cause 4, or as Rico set out to drag him to the Black Hand

In addition to the previous videos, Square Enix has filmed a preview in which we will see a Gabriela Morales played by a flesh-and-blood actress who can not help but believe that a single man ended up with a whole squadron of his soldiers.

Something logical, since this was the explanation of the survivors of the Black Hand for Hurricane Rodriguez.

A typhoon of destruction that will hit the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC next day December 4, when it will launch Just Cause 4, not counting the 24 hours of early access of those who bet on the edition of luxury and gold.


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