Filtered a photo of Meghan Markle with her ex … before going out with Prince Harry


It is well known that once someone is part of the royal family, your life will be fully exposed in the eyes of the public. And that's exactly what Meghan Markle has experienced, recently the celebrity portal TMZ unveiled a photo of the duchess of Sussex with one of his ex-boyfriends.

In the picture she is very much in love with the then boyfriend, chef Cory Vitiello, and according to the same publication, the photo was taken at the Atlas restaurant in May 2016, just a month before the start of the former actress. go out with the prince. "We knew this Meghan had relations before Harry, but what we did not know until now was how sweet she was with her old boyfriends, "is the message that accompanies the graphics.

During an interview with the Daily Mail, the chef said, "She is a great woman. There is no grudge. I respect the private and personal lives of people." On the other hand, Meghan who is older than her current husband, was married to Trevor Engelson, but the marriage came to an end in 2013 after two years of relationship.

It has recently been the duchess He chose not to go to Prince Harry's real trip through Zambia, Africa and decided to stay with his mother, Doria Ragland, to overcome the discomforts of pregnancy and comply with medical recommendations to avoid catching Zika, a contagious disease that can have serious consequences for women such as hydrocephalus in infants.

On the other hand, according to the British press, Meghan and Harry would move earlier this year to a private residence amid rumors of alleged disagreements with his sister-in-law, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. "They are two very different women," sources close to the family said in testimonials analyzed by The Mirror.


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