FAES pushed and denied the entrance of a building for Rangel Ávalos


April 19, 2019 21:16
Updated April 19, 2019 21:18

José Vicente Rangel Ávalos had a swap with Special Forces officials (FAES) when he tried to enter a building where four men were killed, journalist Román Camacho reported.

Camacho indicated that before his arrival there was a confrontation inside building B located in the urbanization Lebrún, Los Nardos street between FAES and antisocial commissions.

The dead were identified as Juan Arenas, Alejandro Quintana, Ronald Arenas and Richard Mata. It was announced that they were being investigated for their alleged involvement in the murder of a two-year-old boy in Río Chico, a police officer in the municipality of Buroz in San José de Río Chico and professor of San Juan Barlovento.

The journalist added that other witnesses indicated that the presence of Avalos was to support the community.


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