Facebook allows users to delete comments sent by Messenger


February 5, 2019 08:08
Updated February 5, 2019 20:22

Facebook has added a feature Tuesday to their messenger messaging service so anyone can withdraw a comment that they regret.

Messenger users will have a window of 10 minutes after sending the message to delete it, leaving in their place a note that will indicate to all participants in a conversation that the publication has been deleted, according to the main online social network, line.

"Have you ever accidentally sent a message to the wrong group of friends, typed something wrong or just wanted to remove a message from a chat?" Facebook asked rhetorically.

"You're not the only one! Start now, we're launching a feature in which you can easily remove your message from Messenger."

Facebook has the mobile messaging application used by more than 1,000 million people.

Earlier last year, it was revealed that Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg could apparently eliminate the messages sent, which increased the pressure to make this feature available to everyone.

The remove messages feature can be used on mobile devices with the latest versions of Apple or Android, according to Facebook.


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