Everton is ready to negotiate with Barca by André Gomes


The FC Barcelona decided last summer to give out André Gomes against his poor performance in the club the last two seasons and although he did not put a call option on his assignment to Everton, the English begin to value positively to remain in property to the soccer player. The Portuguese midfielder has fully recovered from the annoyances that had prevented him from being part of the eleven Marco Silva and the fact is that it has become a key piece in the English club.

The toffie technician admitted to the media that they will try to keep him at the end of the season, although he is aware that it will be difficult and expensive to remove him from the box, "At the right time we will have to do something to stay with a player like André. It's soon, he's happy and we do not want to pressure him. We'll talk about the subject, better wait for Barca to forget a little bit about him … ". Having overcome the injury with which he came to Everton, five matches have been enough to win the club's fans and the directive already begins to make numbers to buy it from the Catalan team.

Recall that Everton paid 2.3 million euros for the transfer of the Portuguese until the end of the season, taking charge of the whole of his chip and no purchase option was agreed in this operation so the English box will have to pay it that they ask the Barça.


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