Ensure that Wide Front will publish a roadmap with proposals from 10 thousand sectors | On the agenda


Photo: @jguaido

Photo: @jguaido


In this Monday national meeting of Free Congress of Venezuela in the Magna Aula of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV), After 24 state congresses in which proposals were received from various sectors of society grouped in unions, institutions and organizations of the country and whose common goal is to find a meeting point for all Venezuelans.

"These meetings restored the hope and goal of building the higher unity (…) We want everyone to be recognized in the other, "he said. Radio Union Alberto Álvarez, member of the national organizing committee of the Free Congress of Venezuelawho He specified that the proposals were received from nearly 10,000 sectors.

"It is not an act of completion, but there will be lines of action and tasks that seek the organization," he said.

He pointed out that On Monday, the conclusions reached at those 24 state meetings will be publicly announced.. "The first objective is to overcome mistrust, we know that there are many interests to keep us divided and the second is to have a shared country dream, a hope that unites us and drives us to achieve the goal of positive change in Venezuela"

He assured that The script will be released with "tasks that will become public today".


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