Thursday , June 17 2021

Eduardo Piñate informed that there will be no retroactivity

Yorman Ledezma.- During the taking of the Directive of the Legislative Council of the Bolivarian State of Guarico (Clebg) for the period 2019, theed for the Social Work Process, Eduardo Piñate, He said that the readjustment of the minimum wage decreed by President Nicolás Maduro will begin to be paid from the second half of January.

He clarified that the decree issued by the highest national authority is from January 15 and must be canceled on the last day of this month, therefore, there is no retroactive payment corresponding.

He explained that the adjustment will also be made for all wage tables, including the private sector, and that the meal ticket, known as the ticket, will continue to be calculated according to 10% of the salary, in this case it would be Bs.S. 1.800.

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