Each mayor will take up the gas issue


Zulia state governor Omar Prieto reported on Friday, June 21, at the meeting of the Public Service Staff that "each mayor will take up gas issues" in the region.

The municipalities will define "new gas prices (by pipeline) and cylinders", in addition to the share in the distribution of this, said Prieto, from the Government Palace.

He said a meeting with a company that creates plastic gas cylinders "in the Maracaibo Industrial Zone, where one of the largest mills in western Latin America has been installed (…), is in the process of distributing these cylinders. to communities through popular power.

On the other hand, Prieto stated that four engines of the Black Burro pumping station are being repaired in order to optimize water distribution on the eastern shore of the lake (COL).

"This is good news for our city of Cabimas, Santa Rita and Miranda, because through these repairs we are going to improve the distribution. These engines had, on several occasions, some effects," said Prieto.

The first regional president said: "We are making a proposal that the repairs that are being made now, be done in the best way, then this repair has a time of 5 days, ensuring that the engines are in perfect working order and that of the Black Burro, we can continue to optimize the distribution of water to COL ".

In addition, he indicated that "Corpoelec's team made several alternative proposals to avoid the fluctuations that, in one way or another, interrupted the distribution of water in the COL, of Burro Negro" and also said that three options are being studied for improve pumping "and possibly tomorrow, one of them will be put into operation" at the San Timóteo plant (Baralt municipality).

As for the fuel, the governor pointed out that 95 octane gasoline is coming. "The gas that is being distributed in the country is being produced by Venezuela, we are in the process of great economic and industrial independence," he said.

He recalled that over the weekend a ship with 190,000 barrels of fuel arrived, so he said that at the moment there is enough stock for gas stations. In addition, "another ship will arrive on Monday with another 140,000 barrels."


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