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The Dragon Ball Super manga, designed by Toyotaro, still expands the adventures of the Z Warriors after the Power Tournament closes. Toei Animation still does not fit this story into the anime, so we would be facing what will be the next big threat to Goky's universe and company.

O Chapter 48 revealed that the villain on duty received his wishes from the dragon spheres of the planet New Namek, has regained his strength and has a secret desire. O Great Kaoshin who lives inside Majin Buu He revealed that they still have time to defeat him before he consumes the entire planet.

It is when the protagonists use the teleportation of Goku go to him I live. Dragon Ball Super he put everything on hold for the Chapter 49, who would be responsible for presenting the final battle against the "Consumers of the Planet".

Then, in the gallery at the top, you will find the first pictures of the next episode. The villain tries to escape, but is intercepted by the heroes. The first to fight is G ran Kaoshin together with the member of the Galactic Patrol.

Apparently, they hit a big blow on the veteran's face, but we've seen this before. This tactic against him simply could not be effective.

Attention to the publications of Depor Play, since in a few hours the Chapter 49 in Dragon Ball Super completely in Spanish. Is it the end of Moro or the Z Warriors? What will be the villain's third wish for the dragon spheres? All these issues will be resolved with the mango.




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