Dollar today to the Argentine peso on Friday, June 21 at Banco Nación de Argentina and interbank market | Price of blue dollar | USD To ARS


The price of the dollar today in Argentina opens in 43.33 of the Argentine peso. The dollar price is higher than the day, according to the Bank of the Nation.

The dollar price starts this Friday, June 21, 2019 Argentina at 42.35 per Argentinean peso for the purchase and at 44.35 for sale in the foreign exchange market, according to the average that the interbank market performs daily.

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Evolution of the dollar for the Argentine peso 2019, according to the current Central Bank

The monetary authority, on the other hand, does not yet record the exchange participation, although a future launch in 2019 will not be ruled out with the purchase of dollars to avoid delays in the Argentine peso in comparison to the high inflation suffered by the country.

5 USD 216.67
USD 10 433.34
USD 20 866.68
USD 50 2166.70
USD 100 4333.40
USD 500 21,667
1000USD 43,334

How did the dollar close in Argentina yesterday?

The dollar in the Argentine quotation quoted in 43.33 Argentine peso.

Why does the dollar go up in Argentina?

O dollar in Argentina is rising due to inflation suffered by the economy in this country. The Central Bank has low credibility, so the dollar Increasingly.

What is the blue dollar?

Blue dollar In Argentina, it is called the black and illegal market, where the buying and selling of US dollars is made.


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