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Dollar today June 14 opens at $ 19.45


Mexico City (Ernesto Sarabia) – While participants weigh economic information China and U.S, as well as new information immigration agreement of the Administration of Donald Trump and Mexico, O dollar loses against Weight in the morning retail market with mixed stock positions and disparate oil prices.

In the Citibanamex branches, the free dollar is offered to 19.45 pesos, five cents less than yesterday, and is purchased at 18.60 pesos.

Dollar today June 14 opens at $ 19.45. | Photo: Reforma

Dollar today June 14 opens at $ 19.45. | Photo: Reforma

For wholesale operations, the exchange rate is sold at 19.1510 pesos, 3.25 cents less than its close on Thursday, and is bought at 19.11410 pesos.

Financial markets validate China's numbers, where industrial output in May rose 5.0%, down from the 5.4% forecast by the Bloomberg consensus, and 5.4% released last April.

Sales in the Chinese retail trade increased 8.6% a year in the fifth month of this year against 8.1% forecast and 7.2% hit in April.

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And in the United States, retail sales were reported to have increased 0.5 percent monthly in May, up from 0.6 percent by consensus.

US industrial output rose 0.4 percent in May, after falling 0.4 percent during the fourth month of this year.

An analysis by Monex Casa de Bolsa indicates that global stock markets show negative movements associated with data on industrial production in China that have slowed down at their lowest rate in the last 17 years.

On the other hand, markets are still pending trade disputes between the United States and China, as in a conference with analysts, Broadcom predicted a slowdown in chip demand caused by the trade dispute between the two countries.

This has generated a wave of uncertainty about the effects this conflict will have on company results, according to financial intermediary experts.

Banorte-IXE experts comment that stock markets are operating in negative territory as US-Iranian geopolitical tensions increase and China's industrial production and investment data are lower than expected.

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As for Iran, the United States has published a video stating that Iran was involved in the attack on oil tankers yesterday.

Likewise, President Donald Trump confirmed that the agreement with the Mexican migrant includes a plan on "safe third country" in case other efforts to contain the crisis at the border between the two countries fail.

In oil and in the middle of an erratic market, the West Texas Intermediate presented a variation of 0.33% and Brent of 0.72%.

In the stock exchanges, the S & P BMV stands at 43 thousand 148.36 points, a decrease of 0.77%.

While the US markets operate with reductions of 0.53%, the Nasdaq, 0.36%, Standard & Poor's and 0.26%, Dow Jones.

In Europe, among the most important places were the German DAX losses of 0.85 per cent and the Spanish IBEX 35 of 0.67 per cent.

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