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Did Daenerys survive? The alternate end of Game of Thrones


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Game of Thrones, HBO's most famous series ended its cycle this year with a controversial result that divided the opinions of its fans, but after that, an alternate ending became viral.

Many fans were furious because in the last episode Daenerys Targaryen is killed by Jon Snow, but what if there was a sequel?

Here we bring you an alternate ending written by one of our journalists, César Panting, fan of popular production.

Followers from several countries such as Mexico, the United States, Colombia, Spain, Ecuador and Peru, among others, were responsible for sharing this unofficial continuation hundreds of times.

Final Alternate …..

The flight of Drogon

Furious and confused, Drogon took Daenerys' fragile body. Clutching it gently with one of his claws, he lifted off the ground and climbed into the sky as fast as he could. The wind caused by its wings stirred the ashes and the pattern of its shadow crossed the debris of Kings Landing when he left moan desolate. He flew uncontrollably, flew to the east. Soon he left Westeros behind, but the journey was just beginning.

He flew over the lengthy Summer Sea and then continued on the Jade Sea. He could barely keep flying. He was exhausted and hungry, but he did not stop for a moment. He flew by instinct, not knowing where he was going but without getting lost. Something called, attracted him. He was going east. Despite being an animal, he knew in his brutal nature that he should take his mother there. Maybe just to get her away from everything, maybe just to die with her. The long journey seemed infinite. The force of its wings began to fade faster and faster and little by little it was losing height.

A dense fog limited visibility, but it suddenly dissipated and the ancient port of Asshai was exposed, a land of magic and mystery. Drogon landed majestically in the dark city, gently placing his mother's body on the ground. The place seemed empty, as if all had fled before his arrival. Drogon roared in fury, but his eyes were filled with pain and his movements betrayed weakness and weariness of the maddening effort. After a brief silence, little by little, from the middle of the darkness, inhabitants of Asshai appeared, where all are enigmatic beings, where there are no children. They moved cautiously, but without fear. They were not surprised.

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They moved from side to side, slowly approaching, allowing the beast to become accustomed to its presence, being harmless. Finally, among them came a red priestess, with her head covered. As he approached the dragon, he revealed his face. It was Kinvara, the high priestess of the Red Temple of Volantis. The one who traveled to Meereen to support Daenerys by having the other priestesses spread the word about the fate of the Mother of Dragons. "We were waiting for you," he said, as if the beast could understand him.

Kinvara is known as "the flame of truth, the light of wisdom, the first servant of the lord of light." The priestess approached Daenerys's body, stroked her face and then looked up and before the inhabitants of Asshai repeated with force the words she had said to Tyrion and Varys in Meereen's temple years ago: "Daenerys of the Storm is the the only one He was promised to us, He came back from the fire to renew the world, He freed the slaves from their chains and crucified the lords for their sins, His dragons are made flesh of fire, "he exclaimed.

He recalled that his prophecy of that day had been fulfilled: "The dragons will purify the unbelievers by the thousands, they will burn their flesh and their sins." He continued to repeat precisely what he announced that day in Meeren: "Daenerys was sent to lead the people against darkness, in this war and in the great wars to come."

After saying these words, he whispered some words in Upper Valyrio to Daenerys and placed his hand on the breast of the Dragon Mother. Drogon was restless, moving his head from side to side. Kinvara put her hand over Daenerys's eyes, and when he pulled it back, Targaryen's eyes were open. Then Daenerys began to breathe abruptly and was suspended frightened and confused. Little by little, her heart rate normalized and she managed to get out of the commotion. "You still have a lot to do," Kinvara told him. Daenerys then remembered everything at once. Jon's betrayal and then only an endless darkness. "You still have a destiny to fulfill," said the priestess.

Daenerys looked at her and got up. She did not know anyone in that place, but that never stopped her from speaking with authority and causing almost immediate admiration. Ira and pain converged inside him, but he was armed with temperament to speak: "With Blood and Fire I will take what is mine and it will rain blood and fire on those who have betrayed me."

She was ready to fly immediately back to Westeros, but Kinvara, deduced her intentions, told her: "We are in Asshai, near the Shadowlands, where what was believed to be lost can be found, where what was believed to be still dead She may not need to fly with a single dragon wherever I go. "Daenerys understood immediately and saw her in surprise, but nothing seemed more impossible. After a few days recovering, she entered the Shadowlands beyond Asshai.

Two years passed, until one day a wave of roaring shook Asshai. Kinvara had stayed in the city waiting for that return and looked up at the sky. From the heights, four dragons descended to the old port. One of them, Drogon, was set up by Daenerys. "It's time to fulfill your destiny," shouted Kinvara from the ground. "I am destiny," exclaimed Daenerys, "and Blood and Fire the way," he said. In her eyes he could see the determination, all doubt had died along with her years ago.

You do not need to say another word. He began his journey to reclaim his army of the Immaculate and to reunite the Dothraki. When he arrived in Meeren, he met Daario Naharis, fulfilling his promise to keep the peace. When he arrived, he learned that the Immaculate had gone to the Isles of Naath. It took another year to gather her two armies, but she was finally ready. With four dragons and ships full of the Immaculate and Dothraki began his return, the path of revenge and conquest.

At All Westeros and the voices of Daenerys' return had raced. King Bran the Broken had seen them coming in their visions and confirming, Daenerys was alive. But this time Bran could not see past the present. And when he tried to look into the future, he saw only immense flames. Daenerys, his ships and their dragons crossed the sea of ​​the strait, fate was about to be written … with blood and fire.

Written by César Panting

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