Deportivo Lara received a "gift" and reached the final against Zamora


Deportivo Lara managed to qualify for the 2019 Copa Libertadores in the group stage, in the least expected way. When everything pointed out that the final of the tournament Clausura will be disputed by the penalty shootout, an unfortunate action appeared in the field that gave wings to the "guaros" and left the Deportivo La Guaira empty-handed.

No one had the merit of taking the cup in the 180 minutes that were played, but it took only a fraction of a second to produce a pineapple as big as the University stadium to spark joy among fans of the musical ensemble and leave with the face of disbelief to fans of the eleven orange.

The 90 minutes, and a few seconds, when the set of La Guaira Fc decided to take a defensive action, playing the ball with goalkeeper Carlos Olsen, who with the tranquility he had shown was ready to play long time the ball and launched a strong zapatazo generated a tremendous error, which caused the astonishment of those present in the stands, and marked the destiny of the game with 1-0, marked by Colombian Javier Hernandez, taking advantage of the present.

Without more time to recover, the locals tried desperately to lose altitude, but were forced to score 2 goals in less than 3 minutes, something impossible because the cast of Leonardo Gonzalez went on the air and canceled the already foggy minds of the hosts that after taking to two rivals of weight like Zamora and Táchira, could not sentence the comparison, although to obtain a tie to zero in Cabudare.

There remained the feeling of what could happen if this unfortunate action did not happen to the goalkeeper under 20, a young man who was surrounded by his teammates who in the midst of the misfortune gave him life and encouraged him to avoid his emotional collapse.

The Larenses now have the opportunity to fight for the star of the 2018 season, facing Barinas' Zamora Fc on round-trip trips, trying to knock down another favorite to take the biggest serve, but at least without the pressure of the league that led him to those cases and that in 2019 corresponds to him the responsibility of representing the country in the Copa Libertadores de America, next to the federal square.


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