Daughter of Valentina Quintero will be mother


Through your official Instagram account, Arianna Arteaga, daughter of Valentina Quintero published on Tuesday, January 29 "Yes, I am inhabited by a 14-week-old fish."

The daughter of the Venezuelan social communicator announced her followers what happy and hopeful feeling, alongside Gabriel Cárdenas and his mother "chocha" with whom he shares not only commerce but also travel and life.

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O young mother in the description of the photo where she shows with the pregnancy she wrote "Yes, @valendeviaje is chocha, delirious, tender and loving.More than being a grandmother, because today she is mother of mother and she knows me fragile and powerful at the same time".

The photographer also indicated that "Yes, it will be born in Venezuela" and celebrated life, love and hope. "Yes, to bring beings of light into the world."

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