Confirm that WhatsApp will start running ads


Whatsapp is the communication channel most chosen by users and one of the most widely used mobile applications worldwide.

A study that the company specializing in statistics and data usage applications, Apptopia, has made puts WhatsApp at the top of applicationsand stresses that users spent 85,000 million hours placed on the platform during the last three months: If all mankind had an account, these data would mean that each of us invested more than 11,400 hours between the conversations during the last quarter.

Yet, since Facebook bought the messenger is trying to find a way to monetize its great success and, after ruling out the possibility of charging users directly, Advertising seems to be the easy way out.

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After several assumptions and announcements about it, it was now WhatsApp vice president Chris Daniels, who has confirmed that the service will get publicity in the near future, although he did not give exact dates.

What are the warnings like?

The ads, for now, will appear in the "states" of WhatsApp, this feature that allows users to share photos and stories as in Instagram or Snapchat.

Whereby it is assumed, the warnings will "stick" between states, in a very similar to how they do on Instagram, also owned by Facebook.

The app already has 1.5 billion users worldwide, of which 450 million use the states daily.

What it is not clear if Facebook will use the content of messages which are sent between users to show relevant warnings (something they should not be able to do since they are encrypted), or whether it will be based on user states.

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