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colors and everything revolves around the groups.

Facebook today celebrates its annual developer conference, where it is announcing the great news it prepares for its users. And among all that they have prepared is a great redesign for your application and website, what they call "FB5". O New Facebook design is much more modern with lighter colors and progressively abandoning the blue color that until now have characterized the social network.

The redesign of Facebook is focused on providing a lighter social network where the touch of color is provided by the content that is published on it. The positioning of the menus will also change, major importance for the & # 39; stories & # 39; which will be placed on top and occupy a larger space than the previous one, in the style of Instagram.

"The biggest change we've made in the Facebook application and website in the last 5 years"

Facebook Rediseno 5

The notifications will also change, not your operation, but your position. Now they will be on the right side of the table.

Facebook Rediseno 1

Facebook wants to promote the groups and these will have a central tab, both on the web and in the mobile version. O Facebook application will revolve around groups and not so much of friends. "Communities as important as friends," says Zuck. It's logical: people are increasingly publishing less on their FB walls, so people see more activity in their forums.

Facebook Rediseno 10

O "Watch" tab, aimed at watching videos, will be the only one that will have a clearly differentiated design with a black background.

Facebook Watch

Facebook announced that the new redesign will be available in today's application in the US and the next few weeks to the rest of the world. Regarding changes to the desktop, they will arrive in the coming months. "This is the biggest change we've made in the application and the Facebook site over the last 5 years," said Mark Zuckerberg.


In addition, Mark Zuckerberg also announced that the Facebook logo will be redesigned for the first time since the last few years. A small change to fit in with this lighter design, which finally brings that modern touch that the social network has needed for some time.

In development … you can follow the conference live here.

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