Tuesday , January 19 2021

CNE highlighted the success of the electoral simulation: Participation was massive

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Indira Alfonzo, informed that the electoral simulation was successfully carried out in the 381 qualified centers in the national territory, composed of 110 pilot tables and 835 non-pilot tables for a total of 945 electoral tables, where they deployed 1,000 machines across the country.

“The machines and the system worked 100%. At the moment, there are still centers open. There was an impeccable synchronization between the entities and the installation protocols were tested ”, he highlighted.

He also indicated that 100% of the technical operational personnel participated, as well as an efficiency in the process, installing all the polling stations planned, explained Alfonzo.

Alfonzo, said that logistical coordination was put to the test between all the organs and entities of the Venezuelan state that integrate the national logistics committee Ceofanb, Corpoelec, Cantv, Movilnet, Min-Salud, Civil Protection, Firemen, Min-Education, among others, complying with the protocols established for this simulation, demonstrating impeccable synchronization between organizations and therefore between men and women who make this important electoral service possible.

In the same way, contingency plans were evaluated, as well as the electoral technical knowledge of the operators. A national support center and 24 rapid service centers were installed at regional level to deal with all technical and logistical incidents recorded for the drilling exercise, with 100% efficiency in resolving all registered cases.

“The most important thing is that voters were able to approach and become familiar with the new technological electoral solution, the response was massive and this demonstrates the will and democratic vocation of the Venezuelan people,” he commented.

The rector announced that the electoral body decided with great responsibility in the scope of the development of the electoral calendar as a permanent electoral fair to leave technological solutions, electronic ballot boxes in each of the states where they were implanted.

“They are yours and for you and from this moment you can exercise contact with them on a daily basis, respecting the biosafety protocols and quarantine and flexibility devices established by the Venezuelan State,” he explained.

He thanked the civic behavior of the voters, coordinators of the polling stations, men and women of the electoral power. «This civic and technical exercise of citizen participation allows us to evaluate our work, motivates us and further commits us to guarantee all technical, logistical and biosanitary conditions so that the Venezuelan people can exercise their sovereignty by voting in a safe manner , free and transparent “, he specified.

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