Citgo has sent a calm message to its business partners


Caracas.- The company dedicated to the commercialization of oil and derivatives in the United States, Citgo Petroleum Corporation He sent a statement to his business partners, where he offered clarification on the current situation, according to La Patilla.

The company emphasizes that business will continue as usual and that 2018 was one of the best financial years for the company, that the balance and liquidity remain strong and have no plans to declare bankruptcy.

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They also pointed out that accounts blocked by US Treasury Department, make "reference is exclusively for purchases of crude oil from Venezuela to PDVSA and they do not affect payments to or from Citgo. "

"We work closely with government officials to ensure that the company, its employees and our valued business partners are protected from any
unintended consequence of diplomatic action. "

On the other hand, they ensured that the sanctions will not affect the company's ability to meet the obligations of its business partners.

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